The little things that you do with your baby today, will amount to a great deal of things in their future. 

Don’t you agree?

Well, here are the top Super Parent Tips from the second episode of The Prodigy Show that tell you how and why the little things are important. 


  • Mess it up!


Babies are playful and cute but, they often make a mess. Whenever they do, let them be. Don’t rush to clean the mess right away. When your baby is playing, they are also learning things and exploring their creative side. Interrupting them disrupts their mental process. So, whenever your baby is doing any kind of activity, be it painting, water play, foam play, or even if they are just playing with fruits or vegetables, or simply with rice or pasta, never stop them no matter how messy it gets. They might throw things around and even try to break them. Be patient and remember that they are actually stimulating their brains, which will help them to discover and think sharply, intelligently, and build on that smartness as well.


  • Confidence is the key!


When babies are born, they are super confident. They see grown-ups doing various things and themselves try to imitate them. Babies don’t realise that adults are comparatively stronger and sharper with more experience in life. This, however, makes them more confident. They attempt to do things and start discovering their capabilities and limitations. This does not stop them from trying new things; neither does it break their confidence. What does is restricting them and telling them that you are not capable over and over again. Never curb your baby’s confidence. Instead, encourage them to try things in order to discover their capabilities. Help to build your baby’s confidence. Because, confidence is the key!


  • Never say, “NO”.


Another thing that shakes up your baby’s confidence is continuously saying “no”. When we stop them from doing every little thing, or simple bombard them with negative thoughts, they lose their confidence before even attempting to do something. This soon forms a habit and later a lifestyle for them. The will have negative thoughts and low confidence in anything and everything that they do in life. This should not happen. What can we do, as parents, is that provide our babies with an alternate way without saying no. For instance, if your baby wants to eat a chocolate or an ice cream, don’t say “no, you cannot have it”. Say “you already had a chocolate today, how about a mango instead of the chocolate?” So, instead of saying, “no, you cannot have a chocolate”, we present a better option. The idea here is that we want to minimize the number of times we deny our babies and we say no to that as much as possible by talking about the alternate positive tone of voice.


  • Every moment is precious. Celebrate it.


Cherish your baby’s every milestone, every small achievement. Because, every moment is precious; every moment is magical. When my son was born, we started following the prodigy framework with him. We started doing a lot of activities and he started to be mobile at the age of two and a half or three months. We had no clue that this was an early achievement and babies actually start to crawl only at seven and a half to eight months of age. Because we did not know, we never got to celebrate our moment as it happened. So, my genuine advice to parents is to celebrate every moment, every achievement, no matter how big or small. Each moment is special and let it bring joy in your and your baby’s life.


  • Babies love routine.


Babies love to anticipate and predict what’s going to happen next. The always look forward to doing their favourite activities, be it their bath time or their food time, or whatever they enjoy doing. So, we suggest you to build a routine for the activities that you do from prodigy framework with your baby. By routine, we don’t mean that everything strictly needs to be done at a particular time. What we mean is, suppose if you start doing the activities after breakfast, keep doing them after breakfast, if you are doing the activities after dad comes home from office, keep doing it after dad comes home from office. Do not break the pattern. It brings certainty and predictability in your baby's life and that keeps them happy and motivated. And once your baby starts to understand the pattern, they look forward to that particular time of the day when they are having fun and also learning in those five minutes that you do with your baby.

So, the second episode brings us these little gems that will help your baby in developing a positive attitude full of creativity and joy. 

Because little things count.

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