Help your baby become best version of themselves with these 6 TIPs from Raghav!

The Prodigy Baby Framework gives new parents the opportunity to unlock their baby’s true genius through early learning and development. In the latest episode of the Prodigy Show, Raghav pulls out a few tips and tricks from under his sleeve that will help your babies to become the best version of them. 


  • Give your babies opportunities in different activities.


Give your baby the opportunities that will help them explore different parts of their brain. Let them explore creativity, math, music, and everything else. This will help them discover their potential and talents very early on in life and, thus, help them choose the path for their future.


  • Give your baby a lot of confidence.


The major reason why babies don’t reach their milestones on time; be it crawling, walking, or talking, is because they do not have the confidence that they will be able to do so. Encourage your baby in the smallest of the activities to boost their confidence....

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How everybody can do best for their babies?

Everybody wants to do the best that they can for their babies. The last episode of the Prodigy Show with Raghav Himatsingka featured some interesting tips for us to keep in mind to raise our babies right. Below are those simple yet interesting tips.


  • Math-magic.


Math has a language of its own, just like English, Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish, or any other. The earlier you start learning these languages the better you get at it. Not just kids, but Math usually scares a lot of adults as well. However, there is no need to dread it. Start teaching your baby the basics of mathematics from an early age so that they become comfortable with it. It will, thus, start coming naturally to them.


  • Be a role model.


It’s pretty straightforward. You must have observed babies enacting the grown-ups. The most common sight is when they pretend to be talking over the phone. Yes, babies imitate adults and, therefore, it is important to be very careful around them. You...

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The little things that you do with your baby today, will amount to a great deal of things in their future. 

Don’t you agree?

Well, here are the top Super Parent Tips from the second episode of The Prodigy Show that tell you how and why the little things are important. 


  • Mess it up!


Babies are playful and cute but, they often make a mess. Whenever they do, let them be. Don’t rush to clean the mess right away. When your baby is playing, they are also learning things and exploring their creative side. Interrupting them disrupts their mental process. So, whenever your baby is doing any kind of activity, be it painting, water play, foam play, or even if they are just playing with fruits or vegetables, or simply with rice or pasta, never stop them no matter how messy it gets. They might throw things around and even try to break them. Be patient and remember that they are actually stimulating their brains, which will help them to discover and think sharply, intelligently, and build on that smartness as well.


  • Confidence is the key!


When babies are...

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